A smiling woman enjoying the dayMore than 30 million adults in the USA need or use dentures. A common misconception is that only seniors need dentures. The truth is that tooth loss can strike at any age, causing you to need teeth replacement. Fortunately, you can lower the risks of tooth loss and eliminate the need for a set of false teeth. Find out how.

Schedule regular dental appointments

Preventive care is the best way to keep your teeth in excellent shape. The procedures involved in this type of dental service are relatively painless and most often do not call for any injection.

Regular visits to a dentist help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. These two factors are the primary causes of tooth loss. Your dentist in Bloomington, Minnesota, for example, can locate and treat cavities before they cause tooth decay and require an extraction. A dental professional can also provide recommendations on how to take care of your teeth and gums properly.

Check your diet

Surprisingly, your ability to escape or avoid dentures depends on the content of your plate. That is in addition to espousing good oral hygiene and practices at home. Studies show that people with a high rate of tooth loss or need dentures have a history of poor diets devoid of fruits and vegetables.

To safeguard your teeth, you need to rethink your food choices. Let fresh vegetables and fruits make up half of your food every day. Increase the number of whole grains you eat, including brown rice and oatmeal. Also, include lean protein, such as fish, lean beef, and skinless poultry.

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Tooth loss is a serious problem that results from poor dental health. Fortunately, you can keep your teeth healthy and safe by maintaining good dental care routines and by visiting your dentist regularly.

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