EntrepreneurEveryone loves food. It’s an industry that will never run out of customers. It is because of this that many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking into the food industry for their first (or next) food business venture.

Of course, starting a new business venture is not easy. You need to know what particular business you want to start. Making that choice consists of going over several factors: your own interests and passions, your available resources, and if there’s a demand.

If you’re in the process of choosing an idea for your food business, here are a couple of choices you can consider.


Who doesn’t like bread? One of the most popular food business ideas is putting up a bakery. You can either open up a retail location selling bread to consumers or put up a commissary-type establishment supplying bread to other retailers. Selling freshly baked bread is easy to jumpstart, but you need to remember that there are many competitors in this area!

Coffee shop

Over the last decade, cafe culture has taken the world by storm. Designer coffee drinks, artisanal beans, pastries, and industrial decor are ubiquitous not only in central areas but even in more rural areas. Coffee shops have now replaced bars as the top venue for friends meeting after work. If you love coffee, why not consider making a business out of it?

Food processing company

It’s exactly what the name says: a business involved in processing food. This means taking wholesale fruit and veg and processing it into jam, jelly, sauce, dressings, and other popular consumer products. Starting a food processing business requires a bigger upfront cost than other food businesses. It also helps if you know good suppliers, says a specialist from MorCo Fresh. The customers for this business are usually other businesses, providing you a steadier income stream that consumer-facing food businesses.

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If you’re a foodie itching to open up a business, consider one of these ideas. Learn the ropes, run the numbers, and get started early!

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