online sellingOnline markets are trending and even if you have an actual store — giving your customers an online option is still a very good idea. However, selling online comes with different strategies and limitations that you will need to understand — and making your product look good is one of them.

1. Take great photos.

eCommerce or selling your product online relies heavily on visuals. Make sure your product photos are flawless. Manipulate the light, the background, and maybe do some photo editing.

If you run an actual shop or a business that relies more on actual face-to-face transactions — it might be more efficient to have a third party take the photos and do the editing for your products.

2. Highlight with white.

White spaces draw attention to your product with almost zero distractions. Multiple companies use this technique — especially when they want you to see the fine details of their products.

If you have an online shop selling different items, it might be a good idea to invest in a light box. A light box will give you a pure white background with minimal to zero shadows — removing the need for additional editing.

2. Get every angle.

Since your customers won’t be able to touch your products — take multiple photos at every possible angle. This gives your customers the fully inspect the overall design and details of your product. This is especially important for shoes, bags, bulky accessories, and products that rely heavily on aesthetics.

Six photos should do the trick, though you might need to add additional ones if you’re selling bags, containers, or other products that hold or store things.

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Visuals are everything in an online shop. The more professional your site looks, the more credible you seem. Highlight your products in the best possible light and make your customers feel like they’re doing business with a serious company.

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