Man fishing on a boatYour casting distance is important to catch bigger and more fish on your next fishing trip. Long casts allow you to remain far from your target and, therefore, reduce the likelihood of scaring them. They also allow some bait types to perform better and dive deeper.

The fishing rod is one of the many tools you can find in your favorite fishing gear store in Michigan. This piece of equipment influences casting distance. It is, therefore, important to exercise caution when buying it.

Here are the key elements to consider when buying your fishing rod:

Line Material

The coating, material, and thickness of your rod’s fishing line play a significant role in its casting distance. A 30-pound line, for instance, has a farther casting distance compared to a 20-pound fluorocarbon line. While this might seem illogical, remember that a 30-pound braid’s diameter is small, and its material has a minimal drag on the cast. The lure pulls the line with less friction and effort; therefore, increasing its casting distance.

Rod Power

A rod’s power refers to its strength and the amount of weight that will cause it to bend. A light power will result in a short casting distance and will hurt your accuracy. Too heavy a rod’s power results in reduced efficiency and backlash issues. Medium power rods are the ideal for maximum casting distance.

Rod Action

This describes the point along a fishing rod’s blank where it flexes. Slow actions bend closer to the butt, while fast actions flex near the tip. Fast actions make sensitive rods, which might bend too much, while slow actions do not bend sufficiently; therefore, affecting your casting distance. Medium action rods are your best option.

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Long rods give you a more extensive cast with the right power and action. Every manufacturer’s rod nomenclature is different, and it is important to ask your retailer for help and advice. He/she will help you understand your options and get the best rod for your fishing trip.

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