Dental ImplantMissing one or more teeth can be very devastating, especially if you are still young. However, this does not mean you should remain toothless for the rest of your life. Dental implants are effective dental appliances you can use to replace the missing teeth. Nonetheless, most people don’t know that the surgical placement of dental implants may fail due to common bad habits.

Hygiene problem

In Northern Ireland, just like anywhere else, high-quality dental implants cannot be placed in the mouth within a few hours. In fact, it makes take several months to surgically perform the procedure. The dentist drills a titanium post, affixes it in the jawbone and gives it a few months to fuse with the bone. If the jawbone fails to firmly hold the metal post, placing a permanent dental bridge or crown becomes difficult. A lot of patience is required during the healing process and good hygiene is one of the effective ways to enhance healing. If the mouth is not kept clean, bacteria can access the implant area and eventually cause infections, irritations, and swelling.


A good and competent cosmetic dentist will ask his patients to refrain from smoking after the placement of the dental implants to enhance the healing process. Smoking can significantly deprive of the body the oxygen it requires and this could slow down the healing process. The smoke may cause irritation and cause abscesses and infections to occur in the mouth. Moreover, the chemical substances contained in the cigarette may be harmful to the wound in different ways.

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Tooth grinding (bruxism)

According to most dentists, patients with tooth grinding habits may not be good candidates for dental implants. The movements made when grinding teeth may have a negative effect on the healing process after surgery. In fact, such movements would not stick the dental implants in the position they should occupy and they could also make the crown wear down fast.

What this means is that the patient has a crucial role to play in enhancing the healing process after a surgical placement. If patients quit smoking, maintain oral hygiene and avoid tooth grinding, the healing process would not be interfered with. Before you go for Northern Ireland dental implants, consult your dentist for more information on what you could do to enhance healing after surgery.

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