Hands of a senior woman with her caregiver assisting herSome people think that choosing a hospice care for their terminally ill loved ones is synonymous with giving hope. This is a big misconception, however. In fact, in a 2014 study, researchers found that cancer patients who are admitted into hospice care experience lesser invasive procedures and lesser hospital admittance. The study also found that hospice care cancer patients are more likely to die at home rather than in hospital settings. The research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

There are more benefits for both patients and families who choose hospice care. Here are some of them:

Hospice care offer families to stay together during the tough times in a familiar environment.

Many people who are terminally ill prefer to die at home rather than in hospitals. As hospice care provides palliative care, patients are able to navigate the tough times in the comforts of their home and are surrounded by their family. Center for Hospice Care explains that this provides more comfort and peace of mind not only for the terminally ill patients, but also for their family.

Hospice care’s focus is on the terminally ill patient, not the disease.

The main focus of hospice care is to provide comfort for terminally ill patients. This type of end-of-life care provide symptom and pain management, the goal is to make patients as comfortable as they can, respecting their choices all the way. It also focuses on the quality of life, not the quantity.

Hospice care provides hope for both patients and their families.

Contrary to popular belief, this end-of-life care provides hope and even empowerment for patients and their families. This is because the terminally ill patient gets to control how they want to live out the rest of their remaining days or months. The type of emotional support the patients receives from hospice care and family and friends can help improve the quality of life and peace towards the end of life.

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It is very hard for families to choose the right care for terminally ill loved ones. But if you want to focus on the quality of life for dying patients, consider getting hospice care.

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