Tan woman applying sunscreenA tan is a lifesaver for many beach goers. Not only does it add definition to your body, it also highlights and hides, depending on how you use your tanning products. Now, things would be easier if you didn’t make a mistake, right?

Unfortunately, that waterproof tanning spray can be your enemy if you commit a mistake during the application process. Stop making these mistakes, so you can stop having regrets.

Not Exfoliating

The cold season means drier skin. As you move into warmer months, you need to exfoliate to get rid of those dead skin cells. What you want is younger-looking skin that gives off that healthy glow, which will be emphasized by tanning products. Whether you’re headed to Australia’s beaches or heading to an American fashion show, you want your complexion to be even and glowing, so don’t forget to moisturize after you exfoliate.

Applying an Even Layer All Over

With a tan, you don’t want your skin to look flat and too even. Tantouring is a thing for the body, much like contouring is for your face. Learn to mix your tanning products with other beauty products to come up with a subtle and natural glow. You may need to apply two coats on your face, one coat on your upper body, and three coats on your lower body–the combination differs for each person.

Wearing the Wrong Clothes While the Tan Develops

Even if the product you’re using promises not to stain your clothes, it’s still better to be safe. Wear old clothes you wouldn’t mind getting stained. If the product is washable up to a certain amount of time, make sure you get your towels cleaned before the colour develops. If you’re going to a tanning studio, they will probably offer disposable underwear.

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There are horror stories associated with first-time tanning projects, especially if you do it yourself. Get the right product, know what not to do, and have fun.

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