a girl looking at her closetWearing a vest can be tricky. While it makes sense to wear it the same way you wear a blazer or a jacket, there’s more to it than just that. That is, of course, if you mind looking like a sideline photographer or a football coach. Fortunately, there are ways you can wear vests fashionably.

Women’s Western vests can look stylish on your day on the ranch or when traveling out of town. With the right layering, this type of garment is a potent tool in your wardrobe for any season. Here are three types of vests you can include in your wardrobe:

The Scully Fringe Vest​

If it fits well, this vest is an excellent way to show off toned arms and waist. It also looks polished and sophisticated, meaning you can wear it for casual business events. You can style the vest over a miniskirt or wear it over a dress and belt it and it will still look lovely. You can also wear the fringe vest over a classic white shirt for a look that screams countryside.

The Braided Leather Vest​

For this vest, the only question is what can you not wear with it? Leather pants, perhaps, if you mind looking like a motorcycle gang member. The braided leather vest can go well with a pair of jeans or over a spring dress. For a more playful look, go for an extra-long vest and experiment with different cuts.

The Faux Fur Vest​

This vest has a lot of versatility more so in the cold weather season. There are long and cropped versions that work to give you a smooth look, especially when layered over an otherwise simple outfit. You can wear fur vests with dresses, jeans, tights, leather leggings, and knits.

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As a rule of thumb, balance shorter vests with a longer shirt. If the vest is long, have it tailor-made for your height so that it does not overwhelm your frame.

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