Family in a comfortable bed sheetAfter a hard day’s work, everyone deserves a comfortable night’s rest. A good quality pair of bed sheets is a valuable investment because it comes into direct contact with your skin, so it is just as important as a proper blanket and a cozy mattress.

There is a wide variety of bed sheets that are for sale, so you may get confused when you decide to go shopping for a pair. Here are a few aspects to help you choose the ideal sheets.


A good bed sheets material needs to be durable and comfortable. Cotton is still the most preferred fabric because of its breath-ability and durability. It is suitable for any weather because it traps heat in cold seasons and let’s hot air pass through in summer.

Cotton blends easily with other materials to modify its weight and feel. To make sure you get your exact preferred pair, buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Thread Count

People have a common misconception that a higher thread count directly translates to good quality and soft fabric. It is important to note that sheets with a lower thread count but made from soft materials like Egyptian cotton will be silkier than one with a higher count thread but manufactured from the low-quality mix.

Ideally, the thread should not be so low that you compromise the durability, or too high that the sheet becomes stiff.


A fabric’s weave determines its feel and look. The most popular types of weaves are Percale, which gives the fabric a crisp feel; Jersey, which is a flat knit, breathable and casual; Sateen, which is lustrous and gives the sheet a soft touch; and Flannel, which is cozy and soft.

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Your choice depends on your personal preference.


Make sure you buy bed sheets that match your bed size. For standard-sized beds, it is advisable to get sheets with elastic edges for a seamless fit. For longer beds and extra thick mattresses, look for customized sheets for a perfect fit.

With so many vendors selling different types of bed sheets, you need to do an extensive evaluation before making your choice to ensure you get good value for your money.

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