Beauty Industry in MidvaleAre you thinking of shifting careers and getting into the beauty industry? If, at the end of the day, you realize that hair and makeup is what fuels you to work hard, it’s a clear indication that you need to seriously consider a career in the field. Pursuing your interest and passion is not an easy task, but here are some steps that will make the transition smoother.

1. Be updated with the latest trends.

Gain knowledge on the latest trends and styles. Browse magazines, watch current TV shows, and observe red carpet styles to get a grip on what has been the craze lately. You don’t want to be doing makeup or hair that stylists would call outdated. Learn about beauty forecasts and get ahead of the game.

2. Build a portfolio.

The goal is to eventually penetrate the industry and earn a living doing what you love. However, if you are just starting, you need to sacrifice a little. To land a job, being articulate in interviews is not enough. Employers don’t hire you because you say you are good. They need to see it, and they won’t be taking any risk, so make sure you can show something to them. Volunteer to work on your friends’ makeup or hairstyle for a minimal fee and start creating your portfolio.

3. Get a formal education.

It’s true that these days, it’s easier to learn and improve a skill. This also applies to beauty. You can now watch a lot of tutorial videos online. However, if you are after developing or enhancing your technique, save enough money, and consider enrolling yourself in a beauty school in Utah, such as You will need money for it, but the investment is worth it.

4. Get an internship.

The goal is usually to work at a top beauty company or better yet, to build your own. However, experience is key to top the industry. Frances Mazur, trainer for beauty industry hopefuls, says that you will really start from the bottom. She suggests applying as an intern at a beauty company and taking in everything that you can learn. Apprenticeship is a good way to enter the field, and you would want to take this opportunity to impress.

There are so many talents in the beauty industry, and if you know you have what it takes, you should not be discouraged. It is difficult to find your way into it; there are no shortcuts. But if you can’t see yourself in any other career, just take the leap and be prepared to work hard for it.

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