ringsEngraving your ring is one of the best ways to customize it. Fortunately, most Salt Lake City custom jewelry stores provide this service. Whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding band you want personalized, there are things you need to consider beforehand so that you get the result you envisioned.

Whether the ring fits well

This is perhaps the most important consideration when having a ring inscribed. If the engraved ring turns out to be too small for the person it is intended for, then you’ve gone through much trouble for nothing. Sure, you can have it resized, but the inscription will be ruined in the process, and having the engraving done again means paying twice for the same job.

The ring’s width

The width of the ring you want to be engraved has a significant bearing on whether the results will be satisfactory or not. Generally, a ring needs to be at least 3mm wide for most jewelers to engrave it successfully. While you may find an expert willing to help you inscribe a thinner ring, the results aren’t guaranteed.

The engraving method used

Some will argue that this is a factor that should only concern the engraver, but that’s not true. If you want an intricate symbol, it’s important that you establish if the jeweler has the means to engrave it precisely. If the engraver is using a laser machine, then chances are they can engrave almost anything on your ring.

What symbols you’re looking for

Be realistic about the symbols you want to be inscribed on your ring. Don’t come up with a symbol that’s too fancy, or you’ll have trouble finding someone with the technical skills to inscribe it. That being said, always ask your jeweler first if they are sure they can precisely engrave what you want.
Your ring is a special item that you want to hold onto for life. If you’re going to have it inscribed, exercise due diligence to ensure everything goes well.

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