Woman Sporting SunglassesHave you seen an ophthalmologist lately and they said that you need to wear glasses from now on? Or maybe, are you going on a vacation and need a new pair of sunglasses?

There are many good brands of eyewear in the market, and they offer all sorts of frames. Sometimes, having many options can be overwhelming and it could take a while for you to choose the right one.

Instead of trying each type of frame or imagining them on you, these factors will help you choose the perfect pair for your lovely eyes.

1. Your Face Shape

The first thing you have to consider is the shape of your face. It can be round, oval, heart-shaped, or square. No matter what shape your face is, the rule of thumb is to choose a frame that is in contrast to its shape. If your face is round, for instance, square or rectangular frames would fit you best.

2. Your Skin Tone

When it comes to skin tone, matching frames work best. If you have darker skin, go with darker colours such as brown, bronze, dark blue, or black. If you have lighter skin, you can go with silver, pink, or grey frames.

3. Your Personality

The eyewear market has its share of quirky, bright, and boring designs. Choose one that best fits your personality. No one knows that better than yourself, so go with colours and designs that will tell people who you are and complement your awesome personality.

4. Your Lifestyle

Think about the things you will be doing or where you will be while wearing your frames. You would not want to wear bright yellow sunglasses to a funeral, for instance. If you are going to a sporty event, you will want frames that do not slip easily for security.

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The right frame is easy to find if you follow the above-mentioned factors. You do not need the advice of a fashion guru to choose the right one. All you need to do is to remember these to make the shopping experience a walk in the park.

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