Fishing boat on dry dockWhen purchasing a used fishing boat, the first thing you should consider is the type of boat. After narrowing down your search, it is crucial that you check whether the boat is well maintained. Even if it is a cheaper option than a new one, a dilapidated boat can cost more in maintenance and inconveniences. You would not want to promise your family a fishing trip then fall short after the boat breaks down. How should you inspect a used fishing boat to ascertain it is in excellent condition?

Ask for maintenance records.

Used fishing boats for sale in Michigan should have all the servicing records, which will give you a picture of how well the boat is maintained. Ask for warranties for boats that are newer than 10 years and receipts of any replaced parts.

Inspect the major parts.

These include the motor, trailer, transom, and the electric parts. If you do not know how to do it, get a mechanic to inspect the boat for you. Additionally, take the boat out on the water for an inspection of how the motor and electric parts work as you also check for any major leaks. Do the lights work correctly? Do the propeller and shaft work properly?

Looks are important.

A well-maintained boat will have a good appearance. Check for cracks, mildew, overall damage and loose seats. Small cracks may not indicate any problems, but when mildew spreads to the bottom of the seats, this can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Check the oil.

The oil should be smooth to the touch. Grit in the oil may be a result of engine wear causing the metal to mix with the oil. A mechanic will advise you on whether to go for the boat or not.

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A used boat can give you the same service as a new one especially when you buy from a trusted dealer. You will get the boat of your dreams at an affordable rate and get assured it would serve you for long.

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