a rustic weddingThe rustic design has gained popularity in home and event themes over the past years. It brings this warm and homey feeling to any place and encourages people to feel more relaxed no matter how formal an event could be.

Weddings are the perfect event to be graced with a rustic design. Alexan Events, an event furniture rental company in Denver, believes that the furniture you choose is what's going to create the atmosphere in your event. And rustic furniture does a lot of that. If you're planning to give your wedding this elegant country style, here are some tips to guide you.

1. The Venue is Important

Look for a place that you can call country-style. Wooden planks, gardens, or a wide-open space that you can decorate with string lights and paper lanterns are ideal. A rustic theme won't quite make it in a hotel ballroom, of course, so choose your venue wisely.

2. Rustic is Not Flashy

The flashiest aspect of a rustic wedding is the bride's gown. Everything else should be toned down. This means no bright bridesmaid dresses, no big red roses, and most definitely no colored cakes. 

3. Keep Your Color Palette Neutral

There are ways to create your own neutral color scheme. You can use them for your bridesmaid dresses, the flowers in your bouquets, your table centerpieces, or even your tablecloths. Be sure to contrast light and dark.

4. Be Clear About the Dress Code

Get everyone in on your rustic theme and make the dress code clear on your invitation. You can create a Facebook group for your wedding and post pictures of outfit suggestions, should anyone ask what rustic fashion is.

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Rustic means simple, country, and homey. That's all you have to remember when coming up with your designs. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have a wedding that'll match your love for a lifetime.

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