vegetables in a heart-shaped container beside a stethoscopeThe heart is a vital organ. When it malfunctions, the whole body is compromised. Despite the fact that there are modern approaches to cure heart disease, preventing it should be a priority.

Preventing heart disease entails lowering your risk of developing it.  While genetics plays a major role in the development of heart disease, you can still reduce the risk by changing your lifestyle and living a healthier life.

Visiting a cardiology clinic in Provo for regular checkups is advisable, and there are other effective ways to keep your heart healthy.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The chemicals found in cigarettes damage the lining of the arteries that may lead to the build-up of fatty deposits. As a result, the artery narrows, leading to stroke, hypertension, or heart attack.

Exercise Regularly

Maintaining an ideal body weight is good for the heart. Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and promotes good blood circulation.

Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is the most common risk factor for heart disease. Other than taking medications, eating a healthy diet may help control high blood pressure.

Eat Healthy

Having a diet that is low in fat and cholesterol is also good for the heart. Foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, help ward off heart disease. Eat fish rich in Omega 3 fats, which help protect the heart from diseases.

Control Diabetes

Having a high blood sugar level can increase the risk of developing heart disease. Many individuals are not aware that they have diabetes. It’s important to undergo a thorough examination to learn about your health condition and prevent heart disease from developing.

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A healthy heart is important to live a healthy life. Follow these suggestions in order to live better and longer.

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