Live Like a Local in BrisbaneBrisbane in Queensland boasts of a record-high number of visitors this 2016. That’s not surprising at all. As one of the gems of Australia, the state capital offers an eclectic list of attractions and activities suitable for a diverse group of tourists.

If you truly want to experience what the city has to offer, you have to learn how to live like a local. How? Here are five ways:

1. Eat a burger.

Burgers are everywhere in Brisbane, whether you’re in the CBD or the suburbs. You can buy them at burger restaurants, food trucks, open-air spaces, and festivals. Some of the best flavours include the classic burger and burgers with interesting twists (e.g., mushroom patty, Oriental coleslaw, or breaded fish fillet).

2. Finish a meal with a lamington.

Despite its unclear history, the lamington is a hit in Brisbane since the early 20th century. Made from a vanilla sponge cake coated in chocolate and desiccated coconut, the cake is a well-loved dessert and snack. Generations crave for it there’s a National Lamington Day in Australia.

3. Go to the beach.

Brisbane is called the Sunshine State for a reason—it’s sunny and humid for most days of the year. To beat the heat, people spend a lot of time on the beach, including Noosa, Mooloolaba, and Nudgee. There’s also South Bank, a former coal port with its own beach lagoon.

Tired of the beach? Some of these are found near the CBD, so you can take a break to shop, enjoy good food, and watch a movie.

4. Enjoy a laid-back life.

If stress gets the best of you, go to Brisbane and watch time go by slowly. Take a walk among its many hiking or walking trails, watch the sunset from the beach, enjoy free entertainment, read a book in the parks, visit a gallery or a local art café, or stay in one of the charming B&Bs.

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5. Ride a ferry.

See Brisbane through its famous river. Ride the CityCat and monohull ferries; they're available every day with a 15-minute interval.

Don’t be just a visitor in Brisbane. Be one of them by following the above-mentioned ways.

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