RV TravelThe affordability, combined with the coziness, flexibility and freedom it offers has made RV travel very common among retirees over the last couple of years. If you like your current location, you can stay put. Alternatively, if you feel the need to move, you quickly pack up and move on. This article shares a few life hacks on making your life comfortable on an RV.

The hygiene and housekeeping

Having access to a functional bathroom goes a long way toward making travelling on an RV comfortable. If you don’t have the capacity to carry enough water make sure your toilet is efficient as possible. Your bathroom fittings should not take up too much space. Get suction-cup holders that attach to the wall and do not fall off when you are on the move.

The right RV mattress

You don’t want a mattress that will be too thin, too small and uncomfortable to sleep on. Most mattress manufacturers create special size mattresses, especially for the RV mattress market. According to Dream World Design, the most accurate way to know the size of the mattress is to get the measurements of the surface the mattress rests on.

The perfect RV sheets

Life on the open road can still be comfortable when you purchase the right bed linen for your choice of travel. Whether it’s a motorhome, an RV or a camper, the sheet should fit into the size and the odd shape of the mattress. Most, if not all, beds in RVs are not standard size beds. Meaning, most likely you won’t find sheets at the local shop that will be a perfect fit. Before ordering, you need to know the width, length, and depth of your mattress to guarantee a perfect fit.

Going on a vacation is a big deal to many, and it ought not to be expensive. Owning a small RV is one great solution for traveling relatively cheaply.

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