WorkspaceThe idea of spending an extra hour at work can be tiring for some. After the eight-hour shift, there’s nothing better than bidding your cubicle goodbye.

In terms of safe spaces, your office desk might be the last on your list. It’s natural to associate workspaces with deadlines, meetings, and bosses. But did you know you can turn your desk into a personal sanctuary at work?

Transform your cubicle as a space away from stress by adding personal and motivational touches.

Decorate with Stones and Crystals

Karma and Luck, a charm and jewelry store, shares that stones and crystals add charm to any place—even for your workspace.

Get creative and litter your desk with pieces that promote spiritual wellness. Geodes, for example, hold special energy that stimulates harmony and creativity in the office. You can also use amethyst to reduce stress and promote logical thought. This crystal is also popular for being a third eye chakra stone that governs your senses.  

Want to survive midday sluggishness? Add a carnelian stone to revitalize your energies.

Keep the Desk Clean

A clear desk often equates to a clear mind—it’s a simple equation that ensures wellness in the office.

Getting rid of the clutter not only cleans the space, it also cleanses your mind. A disorganized desk represents the energy of work; allowing it to manifest through your desk will only exhaust you more. Instead of dealing with unnecessary stress, clear your head by clearing everything up.

Optimize your workspace’s energy with palo santo (an aromatic, sacred wood from South America) or sage. Selenite is also a good provider of positive energy.

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Inspire Yourself

Sometimes, all you need is a motivational quote to get you through the day.

Encourage yourself by writing inspiring notes. Write down favorite quotes and verses or your goals for the day. Whenever you feel down, all you have to do is look at them.

Transform your work desk into a safe space amid deadlines. Look to stones and crystals. And welcome a tranquil, harmonious, creative sanctuary in the office.

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