About Us

Welcome to BuffaloMountainCamp.org, your go-to online resource for the latest health and lifestyle news. We give you the latest tips and tricks to staying healthy and keeping an active lifestyle in this ever changing and stressful world, and how you can enrich your lives with it.

Due to how fast-paced the world is now coupled with your busy schedules, it is difficult to keep track of your health. Many simply go with the flow thinking there is nothing they can do about it and this is where we take a stand; you can do something about your health and how your surroundings affect it, and we strive in guiding you achieve this change.

Who we are

Our team of writers consists of health and fitness experts with a vast knowledge and in-depth understanding of how your body works and what affects it. Whether you are an office grunt, a college student, or the CEO of a big company, we publish content that addresses common lifestyle issues and health problems.

What we believe in

We believe that a person’s health and well-being takes precedence over everything, and we wish to integrate that thought to all of our readers. Many people do not think of their health and how it stress affects them due to their busy schedules and greater responsibilities; we make sure that taking care of your health is a responsibility through providing health news and lifestyle tips that you can apply in your everyday lives.

At BuffaloMountainCamp.org, we strive to be your number one online resource for healthy and lifestyle news and information and how you can apply it in your life.