Male Technician Repairing Air ConditionerCome summer, expect your energy bills to increase. However, if your electric consumption remains high even after the hot season, perhaps it’s about time that you check your AC unit. Could it be that you have been neglecting it for quite some time?

Here are some air conditioning mistakes to look out for.

1. Not checking your AC filter and coil

Your AC filter removes dust from the air. If not cleaned or replaced, it could lead to poor airflow and frozen evaporator coil. In the process, your AC unit decreases its efficiency. It is best to check your filter before summer, after heavy storms or every six months.

It will increase its lifespan and save you on energy bills as well. For best results, ask air conditioning services in Salt Lake City to help you.

2. Ignoring your drain

Your drain channels the water out of your house. If it gets clogged, it does not only damage your AC unit but your household as well. Make sure to clean your drain line regularly to avoid water spills and overflowing moisture that can wreak havoc your property.

3. Not having a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat automatically sets the temperature of your AC unit. It raises or lowers the temperature any time of the day. It does the job when you’re in the office or somewhere else. Hence, you need not worry about adjusting it before you leave the house.

4. Not using the right unit for the space

Your AC unit should be appropriate to the size or space it has to cool. If the unit is too small for the space, the system will have a hard time to cool the air. On the other hand, a bigger one will repeatedly shut off if the space is smaller.

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In both instances, your unit will wear sooner than you expect because they’re struggling yet working inefficiently.

5. Not hiring a pro to check your system

You may do simple maintenance and replacements, but you better leave the major maintenance operations are to the experts. If you’re looking for experts in air conditioning service, there are reputable professionals in Salt Lake City who can help you. Feel free to contact them for assistance.

To keep your unit running smoothly, try to avoid the mistakes mentioned earlier. To make your AC unit function at its best the longest time possible, it pays to hire a pro to service it.

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