Massage in Singapore Ancient civilizations in India and China believe that there is a strong connection between the mind and body. They also said that the body contains energy points known as chakras that keep a person emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.

A disruption in the balance of energy points will lead to ailments, pain and discomfort in various parts of the body. The restoration of these will make you feel better, energised and ready to go back to your routine. Different ways exist to restore the energy balance in your body, a holistic approach is the best way to deal with this imbalance.

Tui Na Massage

Some Chinese medical centres provide a unique massage technique called Tui Na. This method is a cross between acupressure and Shiatsu; it uses rhythmic compression along the different energy channels in your body and it also manipulates and lubricates the joints to release bad chi and relax the body.

The techniques used in Tui Na are similar to some Western-style massages; however, the difference is that this method focuses on specific ailments such as chronic pain in the skeletal system, joints and muscles. This is an effective treatment for sciatica, back, neck and shoulder pain.

Tui Na goes beyond restoring the physical condition of the body, the practitioner works with your body’s energy as they sense it with their hands. This enables them to determine the distribution of energy and alter its flow for your benefit.


Traditional Chinese medicine includes the wellness of the mind to clear the body of toxins and re-energise the spirit. Through meditation, you release bad energy, find your peaceful state of mind and enable you to relax amidst the craziness around you.

Tai Chi

The mind-body-spirit approach pushed by traditional Chinese medicine includes tai chi. This ancient martial arts may seem dull and only for senior citizens. However, when you practice this technique, each movement affects different energy points and muscles in the body. The flowing and calculated steps and hand gestures enable you to relax and restore balance.

An energy imbalance increases the possibility of sickness, injury and stress; restore the balance by meditating, trying alternative medicine and exercise.

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