Woman with ToothacheYou might think that simply brushing your teeth on a routine basis is enough to keep them strong and healthy. According to experts, however, certain activities can damage your teeth even if you do pay careful attention to hygiene. Here’s what you should avoid doing:

Brushing Right after Drinking Soda Speeds Up Erosion

Brushing your teeth soon after drinking soda can further drive the acid into the enamel, causing more damage. Instead, what you should do is gargle some water or mouthwash to get rid of the acidity. If you have teeth stains, don’t let it linger and seek dental practitioners in Richmond to remove it instead of just relying on your brush.

Grinding Your Teeth When Stressed

Grinding the teeth causes them to wear down until the floor is exposed. If this happens, you might find yourself suffering from pain as the nerve is exposed. While a dentist can solve this problem, it’s better not to let it get to this point at all.

Chewing on Ice Can Cause Cracks

The coldness of the ice can make the teeth brittle, causing cracks whenever you chew with your teeth. The cracks on your teeth may not happen overnight, but chewing on ice as a habit can have a cumulative impact on the teeth.

Certain Medications Can Cause Dry Mouth

If you’re currently taking medications and suffer from dry mouth, ask your doctor about the link between the two. Studies show that some medications can have this side effect, which is detrimental to your oral health. Dry mouth means lack of saliva production and can increase chances of tooth decay.

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Of course, these activities can damage your teeth only in the long run. Other things you might be doing that could wear out your teeth early include drinking coffee, tea, and lemon juice, and smoking tobacco. Frequent visits to the dentist will help prevent the damage they cause from worsening.

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