Scissors for hair cuttingWith the number of YouTube and Instagram gurus and DIY makeup tutorials available, is there still room in the industry for more hair and makeup artists? Of course, there is!

So, if you’ve been inspired by these channels to give makeup artistry a try, here are some things you will want to know.

Getting Started

Apply for a course at a college or similar training institute. Makeup artistry is a wide field involving different types of skill and training. You may start out inspired to create looks fit for magazine spreads and later find you’d rather do theatrical looks instead.

It also helps to get experience by working with professionals in need of your expertise. These may not always pay well if they pay at all, but it will give you further experience and an opportunity to watch someone already established in the field.

Getting the Skills

As this is an artistic profession, creativity and imagination are very important. You need to be adept at assessing your client’s needs by studying their facial structure, skin tone, even their skin type so you can produce the appropriate look for their needs.

Makeup artists should also be capable of working under pressure while still paying close attention to even the smallest details.

Remember that perception of a look can change depending on the lighting and environment your client will be in so always make sure you take that into consideration when you apply the makeup.

Getting the Tools

While you don’t always have to buy expensive makeup, getting professional tools is advantageous as it means you can apply even drugstore makeup with great efficiency. Start by getting the essential tools first and build from there.

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You may also want to include a few basic hair styling tools in your arsenal just in case. Buy hairdressing scissors for this purpose and, perhaps, a curling iron so you can do simple but complete looks for your clients.

Put yourself out there by taking on family and friends. Stay on top of trends and don’t be afraid to experiment and you may soon find yourself inspiring others, too!

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