Girl with BracesClose your teeth together right now. Can you feel spaces where your teeth don’t meet? Run your tongue over your teeth, can you feel the gaps? Then you might want to consider getting braces.

Years of cutting and grinding take their toll on your teeth and if they are misaligned that wear can become a lot worse. Likewise, gaps allow food to get trapped and germs to hide from even the hardest brushing and flossing. Putting your teeth back into alignment could add years to their effectiveness.

Being confident

Smiling should be easy and carefree for everyone but if the first thing you do when you smile is worry about your teeth then you can’t enjoy the experience. Braces will close the gaps that trouble you, straighten the crooked teeth that can cause you concern and force those protruding teeth back where they belong. There are many practices that offer braces in Stevenage and they will be happy to offer you advice.

What’s involved?

For your dentist to know exactly what you need from braces they will begin by performing a thorough examination of your teeth in their current positions including X-rays, moulds and clinical photographs. Your dentist will examine the results in detail and work out the right treatment plan for you.

The procedure for fitting fixed braces consists of bonding brackets to each tooth involved then attaching the wire that will move your teeth into the right position. This can either be done in one appointment or it may take several to get the balance of forces exactly right.

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Removable braces are exactly that, braces that can be taken out when you need to however they still need to be precisely fitted.

Over time further examinations and adjustments will be performed to get your teeth working the way they should be and your smile as bright as you deserve.

What to do now

Consult a dentist, for example, Smilecraft in Stevenage. Braces are just one of the many treatment options that can be offered which means your dentist can tailor your treatments to fit you exactly. Every set of teeth is as unique as the person using them and you deserve to have the best possible care that can be provided.

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