Man surprising his girlfriend with an engagement ringOne of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding proposal is figuring out how much to spend on an engagement ring. Considering how big a deal it is, especially to the woman you hope to marry, you certainly do not want to disappoint.

Fortunately, there are unwritten rules you can use to put the right elements together and choose the perfect piece of jewelry to express your love. Unfortunately, though, most of them are either unrealistic or misguided that only fools would follow.

If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, forget about these silly rules when buying an engagement right:

Spending Three Months’ Worth of Pay

The craziest one, which still exists in the 21st century, is the salary rule. According to it, you should buy a ring that costs about the same as one-fourth of your annual salary. One version stipulates to do the math based on your gross (not net) income, making it even more insane.

Although many men have fallen trap to this “guideline” for decades, only a few discerning guys realize that this is really just a marketing initiative. First used around the start of World War 2, diamond marketers invented this ploy to boost sales.

In this day and age, when specialty jewelry shops such as Moissanite Co. are aplenty, you have numerous options to buy a low-cost but high-quality alternative to diamond.

Choosing the Carat Based on Girlfriend’s Age

Whoever came up with this rule is not a fan of logic. There is just no good reason to buy an engagement ring with a rock with a size relative to the age of the woman. If you obey this rule, your partner might only say yes to you when she reaches 50.

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Using an Engagement Ring Calculator

Engagement ring calculators are slightly helpful at best and downright hokey at worst. Some of them would make you feel like you are applying for a loan, going as far as asking your debt-to-income ratio.

While these rules try to appeal to different budgets and tastes, nothing beats the judgment of an experienced jeweler. Instead of wasting your time on these unfounded “guidelines,” talk about your needs directly with an expert.

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