Kettlebell Traning Pregnant women are generally advised to maintain a healthy exercise routine. Recently, medical experts and health practitioners are giving a go signal to pregnant women into more challenging workouts, such as kettlebell swings. Integrating a rigorous exercise training can improve mood, increase energy and result to better sleep.

According to QLD Kettlebells, kettlebell courses and other weight training routines have been shown to improve maternal fitness. Women would also be glad to hear that this helps control the amount of weight gained without doing any harm to the growing fetus inside you. Consult with a training expert for a course that fits your body and situation best.

Yes, You Can Do Kettlebell

If you’ve been doing kettlebell training before getting pregnant, you can effectively continue do this training routine. If you haven’t, but have done various exercises previously, you can also start doing kettlebell training. But, if you’re not the type who has committed to any exercise routines before, you should speak to your OB/GYN first.

Challenging the body with a workout pushes the cells to produce more energy to meet the challenge. This relieves stress, which makes for a healthier environment for the baby to grow in. Apart from stress management, kettlebell workouts increase muscle strength and endurance, preparing you better for the strenuous labor you will go through.

But Do It Sensibly

Strength training during pregnancy can be beneficial at low-to-moderate intensities. The key to not going too far is to do it sensibly. An experienced coach can guide you through the workouts to make sure you make the most of the training without pushing yourself too much. You can do this by reducing the weight of the kettlebells or the pace of the training.

Steer clear of joint-stressing exercise such as windmills, but simpler routines such as squats, front squats, side presses, single leg deadlifts, bent over rows, alternating lunges, kettlebell swings and triceps presses. If the exercise or movement causes pain, avoid it. Listen to your body if you need to slow down or rest.

Give your baby a healthy start by making sure you are the best version of yourself.

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