Medical LabThe medical industry continues to try and find cures for a range of diseases that cause health complications and deaths every year. The discovery of antibiotics, for instance, saved millions of lives that otherwise would have succumbed to bacterial infections.

Discovering cures to health complications entails rigorous research and testing, however. One way for scientists and medical experts like those from Jean Brown Research to achieve this is by conducting clinical trials.

Understanding Clinical Trials

Clinical trials enable medical professionals to explore whether a medical strategy or treatment is effective and safe to use on humans. They may also show what kind of medical approaches work best for specific illnesses or groups of people. These clinical research studies produce information that significantly improves the healthcare decision-making process.

Furthermore, the participants in a clinical trial don’t have to be necessarily sick. Some trials require healthy volunteers, depending on the development stage of a drug or treatment.

Clinical Trials Improve Treatments

Thanks to clinical trials, the quality of medical care has continually improved in the past decades. Their intricately-designed tests for new drugs, treatments, procedures, and devices for diseases provide medical professionals the opportunity to pinpoint the flaws or effectiveness of each specific treatment. These rigorous tests can pave the way to the creation of revolutionary medicines and treatments and save millions of lives across the globe.

Clinical Trials and Its Detractors

Despite the many benefits clinical trials provide, there are some who criticize the practice due to possible side effects it could have on volunteers. Dr. Neal Thomas of the Penn State College of Medicine states, though, that medical research is a necessary tool to advance medical care.

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There are a handful of criticisms regarding clinical trials. Medical experts and professionals, however, conduct them with utmost precision and care, ensuring the well-being of volunteers.


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