a barn weddingDo you still have no idea which venue you want for your wedding? With various options from magnificent castles, chic country houses, and cozy countryside hotels, you are bound to feel overwhelmed on which way to go.

But if you want a simple but elegant place to hold your wedding, wedding barns in Minnesota are your answer. Besides giving your wedding a memorable out-of-town tale for everybody, it also saves you the hassle of booking several venues, since the wedding and the reception will be held at the same place. However, for it to be successful, essential factors must be considered. Here are some:

Can you decorate and light it according to your preference?

Do you want your wedding to be a romantic vineyard, a Bohemian romance, vintage-based, contemporary elegance, or purely rustic? Based on your choice, ensure that the venue provides enough room for adjustment. This way, you can light, decorate, and set up your band without blowing fuses mid-wedding.

Barn uniqueness

Barn weddings attract a lot of people due to the uniqueness and fun that they bring. Details such as stonework, hand-hewn timbers, and rustic railings make a barn venue more desirable compared to just a barn built for warehouse weddings. The barn will communicate, love, passion, history and artistry to not only you but your guests as well.


As much as you want a rustic feel, you surely do not want to sweat like a horse farmer on your wedding day. As such, ensure that the venue has functional air conditioning. This is particularly essential if you are having a summer wedding.

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A rustic wedding is an easy way of combining mountain or plain views with fresh air and rich wedding traditions. The various barn options available today make the themes more diversified. Ensure you consider the above factors for your big day’s success.

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