A woman touching her neck in pain Many adults experience some form of neck pain. In many instances, these are treatable using home remedies. However, chronic neck pain can be a sign of something worse.

If you live in Fort Worth, Cervical Spine Institute recommends visiting a Cervical Spine Center to find out if there is an underlying problem in your condition. Here’s what you need to know:

The Cause of Pain

There can be several causes for neck pain. Sleeping in the wrong position, for instance, can give you a stiff neck the entire day. Engaged in physical activities? Repetitive motions, such as dancing, swimming, or any other vigorous activity can lead to an overuse of the neck muscles. Other sources of chronic neck pain could be bad posture and physical injuries, like from car accidents.

After consulting your physician, you’ll know that the pain is manageable and you can ease them through simple remedies like icing the area, resting, or — in the case of bad posture — correcting it. If these are insufficient to relieve discomfort, medication or physical therapy may be in order. If these do not work as well, surgery may be your only option.

If the Pain Worsens

When the pain or stiffness radiates beyond your neck and starts affecting other parts of your body, there may be something wrong. Red flags may include fever, nausea, fatigue, and unexpected weight loss that isn’t part of a change in your diet. When you experience tingling of the nerves, loss of balance when walking, difficulty gripping or lifting objects, and loss of bladder control, seeing a specialist may be in order.

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As mentioned, cervical spine trauma or neck pain is easy to deal with (depending on its severity) given the correct advice and assistance. From first aid to daily care, knowing what to do is essential to prevent simple issues from becoming worse.

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