WaxingWhen waxing is mentioned, most people cringe at the thought a dry wax being pulled out. However, body waxing doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, painful or even instil fear in you. Modern spas and wellness centers have created a comfortable atmosphere where you’ll feel relaxed and at ease during the session.

The Brazillian Hut debunks some of the most common waxing myths in Brisbane. 

Waxing is a luxury I cannot afford. 

Most people think that waxing is expensive and it’s something they can forego by just shaving at home. However, compared to the time you’ll spend constantly shaving, waxing is a good investment you should consider. Additionally, most spas have very affordable packages that you should check out.

Waxing is uncomfortable and weird. 

There is a misconception that going for a waxing session is the most uncomfortable thing ever. Nevertheless, modern spas have safe, private, and a relaxing environment to ensure that you are comfortable. You might find going to a waxing session with a friend weird, but if you choose to go it alone, you can be assured that you’ll have a pleasant experience.

Waxing will only damage my skin. 

One of the most common fears people have about going for a waxing session is the fact that they may end up with damaged skin. This is because someone they knew had a bad experience at the spa. Now, if you go to an unprofessional spa with inexperienced waxers, you’re most likely to have your skin damaged as they are not trained on how to perform a body or facial waxing. To prevent this, only go to a reputable waxing and tanning service provider that has references and proven experience in the industry.

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Waxing will only leave me with ingrown hairs. 

Experienced waxers know how to remove hair from the root and not just from the follicle which causes ingrown hairs. Quick shaving is more likely to result in ingrown hairs.

These are just some of the misconceptions and fears people have about waxing. Ensure that you visit a professional wax spa to get quality waxing and tanning services. 

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