Child During Dental ProcedureLosing one’s teeth can happen to anyone and at any age. Accidents, old age, poor oral hygiene, and diseases can cause tooth loss. This directly affects the health and wellness of a person due to how the mouth and teeth are vital parts in both his function and aesthetic. A person who lacks some teeth may suffer from dysfunctional eating habits and loss of self-esteem. A person might suffer from psychological stress from having anxieties caused by low self-esteem and social relations. To remedy tooth loss, there are appropriate dental treatments a patient can go for to restore self-esteem, satisfaction, or happiness.

Harley Street Dental Clinic, a dental practice in London, discusses how many people are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. This can impact a person’s self-confidence and may deter social and business opportunities. People who are unsatisfied with the look of their smiles shy away from social interaction. It can be because of crooked, stained, chipped or out-of-place teeth.

Depression due to Tooth Loss

Studies show that 70% of people's happiness is linked to their dental hygiene. Losing teeth can lead to depression due to the effects of becoming edentate. People may choose to isolate themselves or feel humiliated whenever they have to show their teeth. Eating or smiling becomes an awkward ordeal they have to go through. To move past depression, a person will have to seek professional help from a psychologist as well.

Damaged Self-Esteem and Confidence

Edentation can damage a person’s perspective. A person’s facial structure can change because of having a mouth empty of teeth. The lines around a mouth deepen and the face turns pale, causing a person to look older. Their dismal idea of self-image can damage self-esteem and confidence—which may lead to depression.

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Aversion to Social Life

Experiencing tooth loss may limit a person’s socialising. They may avoid talking and going out due to poor dental appearances. Evading conversations, stopping oneself from laughing, or being selfish with their smiles can destroy a person’s social life. Crafting a positive image is critical in a society, and being edentate doesn’t help. It becomes difficult when one isn’t comfortable with flashing his teeth.

Tooth loss can lead to depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia, among many other diseases. A preventative dental treatment is a person’s best cost-effective solution for tooth loss. 

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