A dentist working at his desk Cosmetic dentistry helps patients with a wide array of problems concerning not only their teeth but also their physical appearance. Regardless of whether you want to whiten, reshape, or rebuild your set of teeth, dentists have the right cosmetic procedure for you.

One of the popular cosmetic dentistry procedures uses dental veneers because of its versatility

What Are Veneers For?

Your dentist in Lone Tree would most likely recommend veneers if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Generally, veneers are used to fix discolored teeth due to stains, treatments, or resin fillings. Worn out, chipped, broken, or irregularly shaped teeth can also be fixed by veneers. They cover the surface of your teeth with wafer-thin and custom-made shells.

There are different types of dental veneers:


Porcelain veneers are made of ceramic. It is popular because of its seemingly natural finished product, but it is also the most expensive option because porcelain does not get stained or change colors. This type also has a longer lifespan.


Composite veneers, on the other hand, are one of the common treatment options that are usually used in fixing chipped or cracked teeth. This type of veneer is cheaper compared to porcelain ones, and the procedure can be done in a single appointment with the dentist. However, unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneers are not as resistant to staining and discoloration.


Skipping the process of customization, instant veneers are pre-molded veneers based on standard shapes and sizes. Patients can instantly use them, and they are more affordable than porcelain ones.

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Regain your confidence and give yourself a brighter smile by having dental veneers. Talk with your dentist about it.

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