HomeImagine an entire year of living the green lifestyle. Not only would you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, but you could also inspire other people around you to follow your example.

There is a common misconception that being green is a hard thing to do. Fortunately, with modern day innovation and creativity, achieving a greener, healthier living has never been simpler. So, if you want to help the environment, improve your lifestyle or simply feel good about making a significant contribution in the world, here are some simple tips and tricks from Custom Green to help you achieve your goal of living the green the right way.


This may seem like the most obvious thing to do. Sadly, the numbers show that not many actually follow this mantra. According to research, an average individual may produce two kilograms of waste each day on average. If you prioritize recycling and not add to these alarming numbers, you can help cut down those items that end up in landfills.

Heat Only When it’s Needed

If no one’s at home, don’t heat it. During the winter season , turn down your thermostat to about 68 degrees F when you’re home. At night or while everyone’s away, 55 degrees F is enough. Doing this will help you save energy costs.

Choose Eco-friendly Home Decorations

When looking for those special additions to create your dream bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, choose eco-friendly home accessories. There are many stylish choices available that are made using environment-friendly materials. If you truly want to take things further, choose an eco-friendly home from custom homebuilders.

Maintain a Garden

You don’t need to have a green thumb. Simply design and care for even a small garden in your backyard. Plant some vegetables over the summer or go for a variety of wildflowers. By doing this, you’ll have your own personal personal green space to admire.

Limit the Use Plastic

When grocery shopping, purchase cloth or canvas grocery bags instead of using plastic ones, which you’ll still have to bring back to the grocery afterwards. If you have old newspapers and other documents you no longer need, you can donate them to animal shelters.

Follow all these simple steps and live a greener, healthier life.

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