Substance Abuse in UtahWhen it comes to drug addiction, the basic differences between men and women have much to do with biology. Men are bigger, have more muscles and tissues, and have heavier bones. All these contribute to why drugs seem to have a deeper effect on women even when they haven’t been taking them as longer as men.

As women are physically smaller than men are, drugs affect them harder when they take the same dosage as men. Drugs hit brain chemistry and the higher the dose, the more damage occurs. Even in prescription medicine, research shows that it’s best to adjust the dosage according to size precisely because what may work for men might overwhelm women simply because of their build. The same goes for illegal substances, which are stronger and more dangerous. Hormones, too, have something to do with how drugs affect men and women.

Men Abuse More

Industry professional Renaissance Outpatient notes that men are more prone to drug abuse. They’re more adventurous especially during adolescence, and give in to peer pressure more. They also have the tendency to start earlier, take it longer and try them in larger amounts. Women attracted to drugs, however, take them more frequently and focus on the illegal ones compared to men. As a result, their addiction becomes more serious than men given the same period when they started taking drugs.

Abuse vs Addiction

Between the two, women are more likely to be addicted to drugs, but men have the tendency to abuse it more. Estrogen makes women more susceptible. Abuse has something to do with frequency of use, while addiction develops because of the amount of consumption and kind of drugs used over a long period

Women may also have relapse after undergoing a program at an outpatient substance abuse treatment center.

Due to such differences when it comes to drug abuse, treatment options also vary for men and women. Females are less likely to admit they have an addiction problem, have less income but have more worries, including pregnancy or raising children, which make it difficult for most women to seek proper treatment.

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