Girl Receiving A Cosmetology Treatment

Looking good and feeling good about one’s self is essential. Apart from improving self-esteem, this outlook also considers good hygiene. Because of this, the demand for cosmetologists never dwindle. If you aspire to be one, here’s a quick career background.

The Work

The work of a cosmetologist entails different careers in the beauty and fashion industry. Most cosmetologists work in beauty salons, either hired as part of a team or an individual renting out a space. Some, however, pursue other paths like opening an online beauty store or providing expert beauty advice. Cosmetologists can be hairstylists, nail technicians, makeup analysts, barbers, or skin care specialists.

The Education

Aspiring cosmetologists must possess a high school diploma before entering a cosmetology program. A course or certification in a vocational school or community college is highly ideal. Collectiv Academy, a beauty school in Utah, says that certificate degrees in cosmetology typically entail nine months to complete, while the curriculum mainly comprises of hands-on training in haircuts, manicures, facials, as well as studies in health and safety practices.

The Environment

It’s exciting to be a cosmetologist as one’s workspace and schedule always differ. Successful cosmetologists primarily work in high-end beauty salons and events, especially when working for clients. Barbershops, facial salons, photography studios, and cruise ships may also hire them. After gaining enough experience in the field, cosmetologists also have an opportunity for self-employment. They can be on-call hairstylists, makeup artists, or barbers.

The Salary

High-end salons and barbershops pay more than those who cater to the general public. In 2015, the mean annual wage for cosmetologists was $27,950 while the average hourly wage was $13.44. However, due to the increasing demand in the beauty industry, the median pay for cosmetologists has increased. The employment rate has also risen by 10%.

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Building a career in the beauty and fashion industry requires education and hard work. Being a cosmetologist is exciting because apart from the opportunity to choose from different professions, one can also serve various industries.


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