Ski HolidayUnexpected things can happen during a ski holiday, from failing to bring complete gear to suffering from sprained ankles, all due to extreme snow activities. There are also times when things tend to become comical.

Going on a ski holiday in the beautiful Alps is an exciting adventure that most people look forward to. If you are among those who already have secured a booking for chalet ski holidays this coming end of the year break, then you’d definitely want to know what’s in store for you.


Okay, so you thought traffic is limited to cars? Apparently not. During peak season, vacationers and tourists flock to the Alps to ski while experiencing the exhilaration of the beautiful mountains, majestic views and powdery snow has to offer. While you pride yourself on being extra careful, people who are not so watchful about others around them while going about their skiing activities can suddenly crash into you, sending both of you tumbling like Humpty Dumpty down the gentle slope.

A Beach Party

Do you know in one of your skiing trysts in the French Alps or Russian Socha, you might just encounter beautiful girls in bikinis or handsome hunks in swimwear also enjoying the snow? Yes, you’re reading it right. Welcome to the 21st century where, as reported by the Ski Channel, hot chicks and hunks race down a slalom course. What could be a better sight than that? Yet, the burning question could be, are they feeling the cold or what?

Better Than Anyone

Though you take pride in the flips, twists, jumps or somersaults you can do while skiing or snowboarding, there will always be someone better than you. It could be your friend, babe, or it could even be your babe’s ex. Ouch! Just don’t try to outdo that person otherwise you might spend the rest of your ski holiday in a cast.

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Parental Guidance

These are ski holiday scenes that are for public consumption but may be unsuitable for young kids. Hey, it happens! Such was the scene reported by Daily Mail where a man was seen and photographed dangling mid-air in a ski lift after a freak accident. What made this doubly hilarious or unfortunate, whichever way you want to see it, is that the only thing which prevents him from falling is his pants and yes, undergarment. Everyone could see him hanging for dear life with his glorious nakedness in full view. This serves as your warning next time you take a ski lift.

There are a lot of wonderful things, and not so pleasant stuff, you can experience while in an all inclusive ski holiday. What’s the best way to deal with them, especially embarrassing moments? Just laugh your heart out and enjoy your amazing, and sometimes comical, time in the snow.

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