dentists in taurangaAmong the specialisations in oral health care, family dentistry focuses on the dental needs of the whole family, from young children to adults. It is not necessarily general dentistry although they are sometimes used interchangeably.

Skills and Services

A family dentist is trained to provide dental care to members of an entire family. This is both for treatment and prevention. While there are dentists that offer dental care strictly for infants or very young children, a family dentist has the skills and know-how to take care of kids and older adults.

The family dentist’s role is primarily preventive. They will routinely check for cavities and other oral problems and treat them before they get worse. It includes oral cleaning, removing plaque to prevent build-up and do dental fillings. They are also trained to take dental x-rays to check for jaw and teeth problems.

Treat Them All

A family dentist is licensed to treat people of all ages and understands the different oral health needs of different age groups. While they may not be trained to perform more specialised treatments for crooked teeth and other oral defects, the family dentist will know if this is the problem and make the proper referral for proper treatment.

The main advantage of seeing a family dentist when you do have a family is that it does away with setting several appointments with different dentists. It is easier to schedule routine dental check-ups this way.

Oral Problems

Although specialising in preventive oral health care, family dentists do know when a patient is suffering from gum disease or may have signs of oral cancer and will responsibly advise seeking further consultation or treatment.

They often establish good relations with patients, who come as a family and reduces stress and tension where kids are concerned. It is good to find a reliable family dentist and go for bi-annual check-ups to take care of the teeth and avoid problems that are more serious.    

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