an engagement ring If you plan on settling down with the love of your life, you need to find the right ring to make that marriage proposal as special as the one you love.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can strain your wallet, but it could also cause you headaches because of the sheer number of design and materials available. Figuring out the ideal metal, stone, and cut can be a bit confusing for anyone, so AAA Jewelers shares a few tips to help you find the perfect engagement ring in Utah.

Your Partner’s Preferences

It is best to figure out first what your partner likes before buying a ring. This will help narrow down the choices. Observe what kind of jewelry she usually wears.

For example, if she seems partial towards gold rather than silver, then get her a gold band for the ring. If she doesn’t wear jewelry often, a slim ring with a stone solitaire might suit her.

The Stone

The stone will be the most eye-catching part of the ring. Though many think that a diamond is the only choice, consider your budget and how much you could afford realistically. There are many other gemstones you could choose for an engagement ring: emeralds, rubies, turquoise, pearl, peridot, and aquamarine are popular these days.

The Cut

Once you’ve chosen the stone and band, you could visit a jeweller who could give you advice on what kind of cut is best for your ring’s design.

The cut depends on the size and shape of the stone, so make sure you contact the right jewellers who could provide you with rings that will make your partner’s heart sparkle.

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Making that promise of love and devotion is never easy, but finding the right person makes it all worthwhile. Find the perfect ring that encapsulates that devotion, and make your partner say, “Yes.”

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