Injured and Unconscious WomanPart of being in a search and rescue team is knowing how to care for an injured person. A responder must have practical, scenario-based first-aid skills that can save people’s lives in cases of emergencies. These are even more critical in remote areas – places without permanent medical facilities. Survival first aid not only saves lives, but also prevents further injury and permanent disability.

There are also cases where responders will have difficulty finding injured persons because they are immobilized. For this reason, amphibious search and rescue vehicles are perfect for their capability to scour inaccessible locations to rescue people in life-threatening situations. As a first aid, here are tips to keep in mind.

Heart Attacks

Heart attacks can be mild or severe. Their symptoms include pain at the center of the chest, jaw, shoulder, arms and back, cold sweats, nausea, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Have the person suffering from these symptoms rest. If they become unconscious, administer CPR and call 911 immediately.

Brain Injuries

A person with brain injuries exhibits a possible skull fracture. Some of its symptoms include black eyes (bruising around the eyes) and loss of vision, loss of balance, inability to sense touch, extreme headaches, and seizures. A person suffering from brain injuries doesn’t necessarily experience bleeding in the head. He or she must be carried and evacuated quickly.

Spinal Injuries

These can cause permanent paralysis and a person suspected of suffering from them must not be moved unless there’s an immediate danger. He or she exhibits symptoms like spinal pain and tenderness, difficulty breathing, numbness of extremities, loss of bowel control, and inability to move. If CPR needs to be administered, use the jaw-thrust method instead of tilting the head back to open the airway and call 911 or other emergency services immediately.

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Search and rescue teams must be reliable when lives are on the line. They have to find people quickly for them to survive. They must be ready to go where nobody can.

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