Woman massaging the clientBeing a mother is a full-time job. If an unusual opportunity to spend a day off comes along, make the most out of it by investing on activities that will rejuvenate and refresh your spirit so you will be ready for another bout of your regular duties. Here are some ideas on how you can maximise ‘me’ time for moms.

Book a Pampering Spa Schedule

Even if you spend the entire day at the spa, you will never get short of things to do that will make your mommy day off worthwhile. Your spa appointment may include a full body massage, a facial, and beauty therapies from head to foot. According to Black Champagne Salon & Spa, you can get your nails done and get a new hairstyle courtesy of the top hairdressers in Tauranga. Coming out a different, more vibrant you be your main goal.

Eat Out

This is your time to eat in silence, enjoying every bite of a good meal, without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up. So take advantage of this getting away for a few hours from the hustle and bustle of your household by treating yourself to a restaurant meal you have been craving for.

Cool Down with a Cocktail

To end up your day off, you may get on your best dress and hop around the best bars in the metro with your girlfriends. A drink or two will not hurt as long as you know you can keep your control. If you are no fan of the nightlife, you may also opt for a theatre night, enjoying a good show minus the distraction of kids constantly roaming around.

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Whether planned or not, a mommy day off is a wonderful time that every hard-working mother must indulge on without guilt. You wear varying hats on any given day and some time away from being a dutiful mom is a well-deserved reward.

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