Wedding in DenverColorado’s most populated city is an amazing jump-off point too to the Rocky Mountains where the ski slopes are waiting. But skiing is just one of the hundreds of reasons to be here and have fun.

Thrills in the Elitch Gardens

Don’t let the name fool you since trees don’t dominate here but the massive roller coasters, rapid rides, half-pipes, and Ferris wheels. It’s the zaniest theme park in the city with a lot of cool shows, restaurants, and VIP passes on the side.

Nostalgia with Molly Brown

While several museums and nineteenth-century-old buildings indicate the city’s vibrant history, a tour will never be complete without visiting Molly Brown — or at least her home, which has already been turned into a museum. Although she’s well-known for being a socialite and philanthropist, she’s most famous for surviving the RMS Titanic. That’s why they now call her the Unsinkable Molly! Did you know too that she tried helping save more survivors?

Look Around Holy Ghost Church

Planning a memorable wedding? Check out the Holy Ghost Church. Of course, there are plenty of churches around Denver, but this one is extra special because it’s surrounded by skyscrapers. The city has ensured its first-ever Catholic church is preserved for posterity. As a matter of fact, Elati Wedding Photograpy suggests shooting wedding and prenup photos here. The unique layout makes it a favorite backdrop for wedding photographers in Denver.

Happy Hours with the Micro-brew

What’s brewing in the city? Certainly, it’s more than coffee — glasses of beers from sprouting microbreweries. For less than $30, you can already join a tour with 10 beer samples and newfound friends. It’s an easy 2-kilometer walk too!

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But Speaking of Coffee. . .

There’s no better time to have a cup than at breakfast, and lucky you, Denver is a breakfast hotspot with restaurants, pop-up shops, and quaint cafes serving from sinful waffles to healthy vegan menu.

In Denver, it’s perfectly okay to get crazy. After all, it’s oozing with tons of fun, curiosity, and thrill.

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