haircut tools in a black backgroundHair sculpting requires care and art to achieve you or your customer’s desired outcome. That said, various types of hair scissors are used in different stages for a different purpose to provide you with an ultimate look.

There are various hairdressing shears used for different hair cutting techniques. Other than the regular haircutting scissors, there are other types of sheers used on specific hair for specific outcomes. Before you buy hair thinning scissors, understand the different categories and how they will enhance your skills.

Razor Shears

Mostly used as a texturising tool, this type of shear has a loop at the base where the hairdresser’s index finger will go into. The top side of the razor shears has only one blade; therefore, it does not make an actual hair cutting movement. A hairdresser holds your hair in one hand and uses the other to make tiny texturised cuts through the hair. This varies the length of your hair, giving it a natural texture.

Thinning Shears

Also known as chunking or texturising shears, these shears have a structure that is similar to that of a regular shear with two loops for the thumb and the index finger, and both right and left-handed people can use them. The top side of the shear is, however, different from the regular shears.

Instead of having the two ordinary long shears, the top blade only has widely-spaced teeth, which help in removal of some hair to thin it out without altering its style. It is mostly applied to the front and back side of the head since it contains bulkier hair compared to the rest of the head.

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All hairdressing scissors come in various designs all made and enhanced for the comfort of the user and quality result for the clients. To ensure that you get repeat customers and to achieve all the desired styles, start investing in all types of hairdresser’s shears.

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