Orthodontic TreatmentImproperly positioned and crooked teeth make it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. As a result, tooth loss is likely to occur due to periodontal disease and tooth decay, causing extra stress. Crooked teeth will also affect your appearance and smile. With orthodontics in Weybridge, however, your fear of tooth decay and periodontal disease is taken away.

What is orthodontics?

According to SurreyBraces.co.uk, this is an area in dentistry that deal with correcting improperly positioned teeth and jaws. Orthodontics will also seek to treat and control the different aspects of facial growth and shape, as well as development of the jaws.

When is one a candidate for orthodontics?

Your dentist is the only one who can recommend orthodontic treatment after performing various diagnostic tests. The tests will involve a comprehensive dental history, clinical tests and special x-rays. You may also be a candidate for orthodontics if you have the following;

  • Crowding. Too many teeth more than the dental ridge can accommodate
  • Underbite. This is when the lower jaw is far forward and the upper jaw far back.
  • Overbite. The upper jaw is too forward compared to the lower jaw.
  • Spacing. These are spaces or gaps that appear between the teeth due to missing teeth, or the teeth do not fill up the mouth.
  • Open bite. Whenever the teeth are clenched, an opening is left between the lower and upper teeth.

The orthodontic treatment.

Usually, orthodontic treatment will begin after the adult teeth are fully developed. This is when a child is about 12 or 13 years old. The first stage of the treatment is an assessment of your teeth that will involve taking x-rays and photographs and making plaster models of your teeth. The dentist may the use either of the following devices for treatment. These devices include braces, headgear, aligners, and retainers. Generally, the desired result is achieved with 18 to 24 months after commencing the treatment.

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With orthodontics, you now have a reason to rejoice. Your improperly positioned teeth, bad appearance and difficulty in keeping good oral hygiene becomes a thing of the past.

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