DentistPeople are not always aware they have bad breath. This is different from having morning breath upon waking up when all the bacteria have accumulated in your mouth without enough saliva to wash them out. People may notice smelly breath throughout the day, and you may be unaware. When you do realise it, deal with it accordingly.

Brushing and Flossing

The easiest way to get rid of bad breath is to clean your teeth and mouth after eating. Brushing helps remove food particles between teeth and in hidden spaces. Toothpaste will also leave fresh smelling breath.

For tiny particles that the brush cannot get, especially in the back of the mouth, flossing will do the job. The more food trapped in the mouth, the greater the chances of developing bad breath. Dentists from suggest visiting a dental office for preventative maintenance, even if you are not sure you have smelly breath.

Rinse the Mouth

People think that brushing will do. The truth is, rinsing the mouth is just as important. Rinse the mouth before brushing to remove any loose particles. Use a mouthwash with mint flavour to get fresher breath and kill germs. Colgate also suggests making a salt water mouth rinse.

Don’t Forget the Tongue

Bacteria may stick to the tongue. And just because you brushed your teeth and cleaned your gums does not mean the tongue is automatically cleaned. You have to clean it, too; otherwise, you leave the germs with a breeding ground.

Use the toothbrush bristles, a tongue cleaner or tongue scraper. Another trick is to use a teaspoon for scraping the fleshy part of the tongue.

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Visit the Dentist

Sometimes there are secrets in your mouth that only dentists in Glasgow can see. Ignored, gum problems or decaying teeth eventually result in bacteria build-up and, consequently, bad breath. Having a dental check-up twice a year should keep your mouth healthy and avoid bad breath.

Other Causes of Bad Breath

Other than poor habits, the foods you eat, especially those with strong smells, also affect your breath. Some diseases such as diabetes, chronic sinus infections and kidney problems may also give you smelly breath.

Oral hygiene is important because bad breath is a big turn-off. Learn to care for your mouth so you can speak confidently without people avoiding you.

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