Female photographer photographing beautiful happy bride indoorsWeddings create such long lists of to-dos that an entire industry has been built around making the day extra special for couples and their families. Planning can be difficult, but it can be more manageable if you know what to do.

Know Your Budget

Your budget determines the size of celebration you can have. By setting one, you’ll be able to determine and set your priorities. Remember that your union, not the party celebrating it, is the most important part of the day. Anything else you choose will be the trimming.

What’s Important to You?

Does your family value time spent gathered around food? Then, food is likely to take up the bulk of your budget. Is it all about being together? Choosing a venue that is close to where you already live, like the Winters Barns, would then be the best for your celebration. Selecting a wedding venue in Kent will help all those who wish to be with you on the day of your celebration.

Time to Get Started

Once you’ve sorted out your priorities, you can begin the countdown to your chosen date. Carefully consider the length of time you have to complete all the necessary arrangements, as this will also tie in with your list of priorities.

Book your chosen chapel and reception venue, and then send out the invitations. Paper invitations are still the best option though it has become acceptable to send electronic invitations if you prefer. Then, prepare your attire. Bespoke clothing for yourselves and the wedding party can take time so consider this if you might want something made specifically for you.

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From there, everything will follow. Make sure you have backup options in case your chosen supplier is unavailable. Again, prioritise. The industry is big enough that even if your chosen supplier is unavailable, they can usually point you in the direction of other reliable contacts. This way, the focus stays on your union: the true reason for the celebration.

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