Wedding gifts for guestsMaybe your love for each other can’t wait or you both have other things to attend to, which is why a rushed wedding seems to be the best solutions. While naysayers may say that it is not possible, it can be if you know where to start and who to work with.

Stress can be much higher when planning a rushed wedding. But relax! Your wedding can still happen beautifully. Below are just some of the things you may want to keep in mind if you want to plan your wedding quickly and excellently. Just make sure that things work easily for both of you.

Month 1: Start with the Basics

Now, things can be much easier if you already have the essentials. At this point, the budget would be the most important. So take a look at your savings first to see if it is possible. And if you have the money, you need to think of the theme, as it will be the thing that will draw everything together. While you are at it, you may round up a few potential suppliers.

Month 2: Start Planning

This is the second phase of the planning period, basically. So what you need to do is get suppliers based on your chosen theme. If this is quite exhausting and you are busy with other things, it will be practical to seek the services of a reliable event planner in Aspen. They have a huge network of suppliers that can make your event happen.

Month 3: Distribute the Guest List

While the planning of your wedding is on-going, you may already want to distribute your invites. Make sure that you have already thought about it at the start, as your headcount will affect your budget.

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These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you are planning your wedding on a rush. Only work with reliable suppliers to avoid delays and problems.

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