Kids with Brace in BoiseThere comes a time that your child needs braces, and you have to step up your oral hygiene game. It’s important that your child also knows how to take care of their teeth as early as possible. What’s more, the added metal and issues with braces are going to make them more conscious of their teeth.

Caring for a mouth with braces is different from handling a kid without the wires. Here is a helpful advice that dental experts and parents have to share:

Find a dentist who knows kids

When getting braces from a dentist in Boise, the dentist must also tell you how your kids should manage the braces. If your practitioner isn’t that good in dealing with kids, it will be a little difficult. Try to find a good fit with your family, or at the very least, a dentist your child likes.

2. Partner with your child in caring for their teeth

Caring for teeth with braces isn’t just your job — it’s also up to your children as well. Teach them how to brush, floss, clean and care for their braces so you have less stress and they learn more responsibility.

3. Lip balm and extra elastics are essentials in your child’s bag

Along with the prescribed toothbrush and toothpaste, make sure that your child has a lip balm they like and enough elastics or rubber bands. If even a band snaps while in school or outside, they can easily replace it. Your child needs lip balm especially just before and after the braces are tightened. Their lips can get incredibly dry.

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Braces can also become a source of drama for kids, but a little extra attention and the promise of a megawatt smile may be just enough to help them get through the next few years.

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