BowlingWhether it’s because of the roaring sound of a bowling ball hitting the pins or the happiness a strike brings, a bowling alley is an interesting place to spend your first date. Although there are several bowling alleys in Illinois, going on a date that’s different from the usual may just give you an edge. But how do you make it exciting? Here are a few tips to impress someone you like on your first date.

Pick the Heaviest Ball You Can Carry

Not only will you impress your date with your strength, but using the heaviest ball that you can carry will also help you swing it better and even let you knock down a strike. Lighter balls have a tendency to ricochet if you don’t throw them right, which brings you to the next step.

Hold the Ball Right

It may seem complicated, but holding the ball right is quite easy. You need to put your middle and ring fingers into the ball and then followed by your thumb. Make sure that you pick the ball up using both hands and then bend your elbow right at the level of your hip. You can try to pull out your thumb first while your fingers lift the ball and then roll it to the alley.

Bring Your Favorite Pair of Socks

Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing a pair of shoes that hundreds of people have worn over the years. So the threat of getting fungi on your feet is possible. It’s essential to bring your favorite socks on your date and don’t forget to remind your date to bring a pair as well.

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Going on a date can be fun if you know what to do. That’s why it’s essential to plan ahead so you’ll be able to leave a great impression with your date.

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