Girl in a swimsuitWe all love a good swimsuit, but are you sure it will last longer than it should? Most pieces get destroyed due to how we wash it and how we take care of it. Revel Rey discusses below some tips on how to make your swimsuit last long enough for you to wear over and over again!

1. Wash it as soon as possible

After using your swimsuit, make sure to wash it with fresh and clean water right away. You don’t have to clean it with soap right away; even tap water is good enough. You would want to get rid of all the chlorine and oil that’s currently stuck in your swimsuit, as these can easily damage it.

Once you get home, wash it with soap and water and scrub properly to eliminate all of the things that can cause it to wear out eventually.

2. Do not put it in the washing machine

The best way to wash your swimsuit is with your own hands. The washing machine can agitate the delicate parts of your swimsuit such as the cups, paddings, and the ties.

Leaving your swimsuit in the washing machine can make it loose, which will be a problem the next time you go to the beach or the pool!

3. Dry it properly

Do not wring your swimsuit off, as this can make it soggy and loose. Hanging it is not a good idea either, as this will stretch it out too much.

Instead, you can lay the swimsuit on a towel, roll it out gently and let the towel absorb all of the excess water. Just lay it after to dry and avoid hanging it out. You should also avoid drying it outside in direct sunlight, as this can destroy the colors and make your swimsuit look dull and lifeless.

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Always be conscious of how you wash and use your swimsuits so you can use it over and over again!

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