White flower decorations on wedding ceremonyFloral arrangements can enhance the mood or theme of any event and add texture, color, scents, and style. But selecting flowers for your event would involve more than just picking out your favorite flowers. Flowers could be placed on vases right on tables, hung all around the venue, and showcased in many other ways. Below are some pro tips for picking out the right flowers for any event.

Are They Local?

Think about where your preferred blooms would be coming from because there’s usually a narrow window of time and limited options if you only stick to local blooms. If you’re intent on having only local flowers for your event, you have to be flexible with the specimen and variety and have your florist develop a look for you.

Are They in Season?

Seasonality is vital, as this would enable your florist to purchase flowers in season. This means more options and lower prices, explains Alexan Events and other sought-after event florists in Denver. They add that flowers in season would look their best because they’re at their peak.

What’s the Weather?

Try to pick blooms that would fare well with the weather. For instance, if you choose delicate blooms for your outdoor summer party, don’t expect your flowers to hold up in full sun and last throughout the day.

What’s Your Budget?

Although some blooms could be costly, there are many ways to stretch whatever budget you have. For example, if you have a more modest budget and need to make a huge impact, consider flowering branches like magnolia, quince, or cherry blossom. You could likewise add some greens such as grasses, leaves, and foliage to maximize your budget.

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Keep in mind that all your careful choosing and planning would be for nothing should something unexpected happen to your flowers and you don’t have a backup plan. For instance, your chosen blooms could suddenly be unavailable because of an unexpected frost, drought, or heat, or your flowers might arrive in time, but in different colors.

With this in mind, flexibility is the key to success. Prepare yourself for any eventuality, so you could make last-minute changes accordingly. Order extra flowers as well, because having too much is better than not having enough.

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